Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees governs the Pasadena Area 社区 College District. 它由 of seven elected members, each representing one of the seven trustee areas of the 区. Qualified voters in each of the areas elect the trustee for a four-year 术语. The Superintendent-President of the District serves as Secretary to the Board.

Our Board Members

  • Sandra Chen Lau
  • Steve Gibson, Vice President
  • Kristine Kwong
  • Tammy Silver
  • James Aragon
  • Ryan Liu, Clerk
  • Alton Wang, President
  • Student Trustee: Avery Bradley

何塞一个. 戈麦斯,Ph值.D.

Interim Superintendent-President

The Superintendent-President is the chief administrative officer of the District and oversees the Pasadena City College administration.

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Dr. Jose Gomez, President of Pasadena City College

劳拉·米. Ramirez, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Instruction

Provides leadership to carry out the academic mission of the college by cultivating and supporting faculty excellence and achievement.

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坎迪斯D. 琼斯

Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, 业务 and Administrative 服务

Oversees services that are provided to support and enrich the campus experience for students, faculty, staff and the community.

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Dr. Brenda Ivelisse

Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Student 服务

Responsible for overall leadership in planning, organizing, and directing all student services and support programs.

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罗伯特年代. Blizinski

Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Human Resources

Leads the Human Resources team as well as oversees the policies and procedures related to equitable hiring, agreements with collective bargaining units, and other areas related to human resources strategy.

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Salvatrice Cummo

Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development

Leads efforts to fuel economic and workforce growth by guiding the integration of education and employment, and by fostering opportunities and support services for students, employers, faculty, and the community.

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Salvatrice Cummo

Dr. Kari E. 保伦

Associate Vice President, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Title IX Coordinator

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Kari E博士. 保伦

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